FBISD Creates Makeshift Memorial Site next to the School they Built on Sacred Ground.

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Just a Chain connected to posts surrounding their "designated cemetery area" and Sign the read "Bullhead Camp Cemetery" which has since fallen apart. Our Ancestors deserve better.


"Yesterday, concerned citizens visited the Bullhead Camp Cemetery at Fort Bend ISD’s James Reese Career and Technical Center. They found the cemetery to be in terrible, substandard conditions. FBISD should be held accountable for their continued neglect of the resting place of the #SugarLand95 and their disrespect to the community. These were the citizens’ findings:

1. No information about the #SugarLand95 could be found anywhere near the cemetery.

2. Two graves (one marked “HS 3” on the wooden stake) were located entirely outside of the black chain fence which tightly demarcated the cemetery. (marked in yellow circles)

3. The fence was so close to the graves that some graves almost touched the fence.

4. Two “Bullhead Camp Cemetery” signs had been detached from their haphazard attachment from the frame. A flower bouquet was left crushed underneath a fallen sign.

5. A few of the chain posts were unstable and seemed like they could be removed by force.

It is obvious that the FBISD is incapable of taking care of the cemetery. The only way these ancestors are going to get the respect they deserve is if the stewardship of this land is handed over to the community." ~ CLLPTX

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