The National Black United Front Hosts the Caravan to Sugar Land

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

NBUF and the SL95 Coalition Visited and Toured the Site of the #SugarLand95 to Honor them and investigate the totality of the situation at hand.

"the National Black United Front drove in a caravan procession from Houston to the site, to honor the dead.

"It took our breath away when we heard the details of what was found," said Kofi Taharka, chair of the NBUF. "One spiritualist said they've been crying out for acknowledgement. Today we're going to commune with their spirits, and raise questions to those in authority."

Members marched in front of the construction fence to the sound of drums. During a ceremony, sage was burned as people chanted.

Moore said he plans to meet this week with Fort Bend County officials to discuss what happens next to the remains.

"We want them in coffins and interred in a cemetery with a memorial," he said."

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